A Guide To Caring For Your Springer Spaniel
Breed History and Characteristics

The English Springer Spaniel has a history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, when springers were used to find and "spring" game for hunters using falcons, Greyhounds or nets. Early spaniels are thought to have originated in Spain, but  the many varieties of sporting spaniels were largely developed in the British Isles. The English Springer is the largest in build of these breeds, which include the Cocker, the Field, Sussex and Welsh Springer Spaniel.

The Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn, and willing to obey. He enjoys being part of family activitiies. He is an affectionate, loyal and sometimes exuberent companion.

Size:  approximately 20" at the shoulder
Colour:  Liver & White; Black & White; Liver, White & Tan or Black, White & Tan

Australian Breeders

If we can't help you with a puppy at Fraelighte, we recommend the following breeders:

Brynfield Kennels        Margaret Whitfield                Email  Brynfield
Larona Kennels           Sharyn Phillips                    Email Larona
Ndolge Kennels          Tracey Lane                         Email Ndolge

Central/North Queensland
Wongan Kennels         Rosemary Stockham            Email Wongan

Azucroft Kennels          Robert & Yvonne Lauder      Email Azucroft
Springcav Kennels        Annette Fenton                   Email Springcav

Corrandeerk Kennels     Fiona Quinlan                     Email Corrandeerk

Wongan Kennels          Stephanie Rickard               Email Wongan

Country Victoria
Maketawa Kennels        Ross & Mary West             Email Maketawa

Penita Kennels             Jeanne Skudder                  Email Penita
Kynadie Kennels          Manuela Harvey                   Email Kynadie

Sabu Kennels              Steve Warry

If you need further help, go to Dogzonline

Australian Breed Clubs

The English Springer Spaniel Association of Queensland Inc
110 Swanborough Road
Logan Village Qld 4207

The English Springer Spaniel Association of New South Wales
41 GIlbert Road, Castle Hill 2154

The English Springer Spaniel Club of Victoria
P.O. Box 459, Flemington  3031


Your Springer can't make the choice himself to have a balanced diet! You have to provide one for him.

At Fraelighte we feed and recommend Pedigree Advance food for all our Springers. It's a complete and balanced super premium diet. No supplements are required - in fact they can do serious harm! Pedigree Advance is available at Pet Shops and Veterinarians.


Formulating a diet with the correct balance of nutrients for your dogs life stage and life style is a complex science. Please feed a high quality prepared pet food.
Please DO NOT feed a home-cooked diet.
Please DO NOT feed the B.A.R.F. Diet.
If in doubt, click here to get advice from Waltham, The World's Leading Authority on Pet Care and Nutrition.

Health Care
Whilst the Springer is a relatively healthy and hard breed, there are some basic elements of health care that you need to consider.

Please worm your dog regularly, both for intestinal worms, and for heartworm. Heartworm can KILL.
There is no excuse for fleas - they are easily controlled with many products that are readily available on the market.
Ticks are a serious problem in many areas of Australia. Some areas have the Paralysis Tick - which can kill your springer! Products are available to control this problem - please consult your Veterinarian.

Please have your puppy's vaccination schedule completed, and thereafter get a yearly booster shot.
Yearly injections are now available for Heartworm! Ask your Vet.

If you don't intend to breed from your Springer (hard work and high cost!!), then consider having your dog desexed. Ask your Vet.

A lost dog can be very stressful (both on the dog and the family). Ensure a better chance of having your pet returned to your by asking your Vet to Microchip your dog!

It takes a moderate amount of grooming to keep your Springer in good condition.

A good brush twice per week, and a bath every fortnight should keep your springer looking and feeling great.

If you would like a Professional Groomer to help, we recommend the following salons in Brisbane:

     Animal House, Stafford (07) 3856 2547
     Doggie Style, Willawong (07) 3879 1177
     Snippets, Booval (07) 3282 5888
     Moggill Pet Motel, Moggill (07) 3202 6264
     Pet City Mt Gravatt (07) 3349 2086

At Fraelighte we use and recommend Animal House Professional grooming products. Try them!
Click below to visit the Animal House website.

Athough the Springer will adapt to any environment from a farm to a suburban backyard, they love their exercise.

Please ensure you give your Springer a good walk at least three times per week. Teach your Springer to chase balls in the backyard, or play other games that will provide natural exercise.

In many areas, the local Council will have fully fenced off-leash areas. These are a GREAT idea. Enquire of your local authority.

There are many obedience and agility clubs, flyball clubs and even lure coursing clubs.  Your local English Springer Spaniel breed club will be able to help you locate one near you.

Breed History and Characteristics
Australian Breeders
Health Care
Filbert - a Fraelighte puppy in his new home
Australian Breed Clubs
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